I recently read this http://kottke.org/16/06/facebook-is-wrong-text-is-deathless

I sadly couldn't agree more, but we should add few other thing

As a markup addict, I've always seen the world with text in the center and everything else around it. Text is versatile :

  • we could see it on a screen
  • we could see it on a printed paper
  • we could see it from far away via sign language
  • we can ear it with TTS
  • we can feel it with Braille or embossed
  • we can also feel it with haptics (still to improve à la Morse)
  • etc.

Text is alive and expanding : Unicode 9 is announcing 128,172 characters (in progression of 7,500 from previous edition)

Text is a very powerfull building bloc : you can annotate text with a lot of information : presentation, semantic, processing, etc.

You can process text at your favorite speed, in multiple chucks, not necessarily in order, copy/paste it, find similar text, etc.

I fear that this binarization of the Web will change the face of it and will freeze it forever