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Tuesday 30 June 2009

Montréal [Balisage] Streaming and Visual tools

I'm going to make two presentations in Montreal this year

One at the symposium headed by Mike Kay

Monday 10th, August 1:40 am - 12:20 pm

Memory management in streaming: buffering, lookahead, or none. Which to choose?

Although the ideal approach to streaming is to process markup events as soon as they are encountered, 
with no memory needing to be used for storing parts of the input document, this is not always feasible, 
and in practice it is useful to consider "near-streaming" approaches that involve a limited amount of buf-
fering or lookahead. In the extreme, however, such approaches degenerate until they are indistinguishable
from non-streaming processes. This paper attempts a classification of streaming and near-streaming
processing methods using different approaches to memory management, and discusses the advantages
and disadvantages of each.

The other one would be the next day at the Main Conference about Visual tools

Tuesday 4:45 pm- 5:30 pm

(LB) Visual Designers: Those XML tools with no angle bracket at all!

Is the future of XML planned to be without XML? Visual tools are everywhere and XProc might be the 
first XML dialect to be immediately available with its visual editor. After erratic evolutions, visual tools
have become more and more precise (even HTML+CSS tools are now very powerful), and are become
more and more main stream. Could we imagine dealing with XML Schema without descent Visual Tools?
We will show in this presentation an overview of where we do XML without seeing any angle bracket and
the places where we expect to have some equivalent tools soon.

Again take a look at the program to see very interesting talks and very interesting speakers also !

See you in Montréal

PS (fr) : Il y aura quelques francophones pour les présentations alors n'hésitez pas à venir (Jacques Durand, Florent Georges, Eric Lemoine, Yves Marcoux)

The Wind of Changes in the Web

Today Firefox 3.5 has been launched with success (1 million download in the first two hours).

Three weeks ago, Safari 4 was launched and get some reasonnable success (11 millions download in 3 days with 6 millions for windows plateform).

Opera 10 is about to be out (it is still a Beta for the moment)

IE 8 is already out since March

Google Chrome 3.0 is in preparation

The other news to mix with that is that

Microsoft will not ship Windows 7 with IE 8 in Europe ; it will be up to the OEMs to include one or more Browser of their choice !