Each new draft of CSS is an event here at Innovimax.

CSS 2.1 has a new draft out and this is a good news, because it's an important information about the healthiness of the work done around web standards and CSS in particular.

What are the news in this draft ?

Well, first, because it seems to be the last step as a Working Draft, so the next step should be Candidate Recommendation, and last CSS Recommendation is CSS 1 which has been released in May 1998 !

Then a lot of cleaning has been made : typos and duplications have been corrected.

Some very useful precisions have been added especially in tables section.

HTML 4 examples has been updated to HTML 4.01, but some HTML 4.0 are still in the doc, and all the doctypes of longdesc are 4.0 Transitional.

And last but not least, because we know now that Wium, in HÃ¥kon Wium Lie in an additional-name, information that we haven't in the past !! But what can we say about Jan Roland Eriksson ?

But the real question is why the spec style sheet is not CSS conformant ?